Many people have problems using their feet to control the gas and brake on vehicles.  Hand controls allow the driver to operate a vehicle’s gas/brake with only their hand.  Different styles can be installed to suit the driver’s needs and abilities.

Push / Right Angle

The push/right angle style of hand control uses a simple forward motion for braking and a down motion for accelerating.  With many different mounts these controls can be installed in almost any vehicle on the market.

Push / Right Angle Hand Controls

Push / Rock

Very similar to the push/right angle controls, the push/rock controls implement a rocking motion to accelerate.  This hand control is useful when there is limited room between the steering wheel and a driver’s legs

Push / Rock Hand Controls

Push / Pull 

Push/Pull controls have a forward/backward motion to control the gas and brake.  These controls can also be programmed to operate other functions in your vehicle such as cruise, turn signals and dimmer switch.

Push / Pull Hand Controls

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